Chère Chérie Mural by Alex Fulton

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Alex and the team at Chère Chérie comissioned Alex to paint a mural that brought to life the studio's area that had been left plain.

The mural is all about organic shapes that mirror the plants that are scattered through the space and the colours chosen were clues from the spaces and only added to the style of the paintwork.  The black line was added to make the shapes pop and add a 'street' vibe.

The style of the space is very contemporary and modern with cutomised shelving and work spaces.  It's a modern envoironment with a very cool vibe and an amazing space to be pampered and looked after.

The team at Chère Chérie are specialists in hair colour and design. 






Christchurch Restaurant 'Story' Mural NOV 2018
Christchurch Restaurant 'Story' Mural
Studio Home Art House Mural by Alex Fulton MAR 2019
Studio Home Art House Mural by Alex Fulton