Alex Fulton Design

Get ready to colour outside the lines.

You’re a risk taker, a rule breaker, a trendsetter
(even if you don’t think you are.)

You don't just follow trends, you set the trends.
But you’re not afraid to buck them, either.

So when you feel like your life is ready for a design shake up,
naturally you want someone who just ‘gets you’.
Someone who sings from the same stylish song sheet.

If you want to be pushed,
but not too far out of your comfort zone…

If you want to add a personal touch to your home
but need a little help figuring out exactly what that is…

Call this 'design' intervention.

Alex Fulton Design

I’m Alex and I turn ordinary spaces
into jaw-dropping extensions of YOU.

I’m an interior designer, stylist, writer and happiness maestro
here to infuse your ideas with my creative, out-of-the-box vision.

Whether you want to turn your house into your own personal wonderland,
collaborate on an sensory-fuelled project, or learn how to turn beige design
into a bold statement, I’ve got your back.

I’m a rebel with a colour wheel, bending the traditional rules
and designing like no one is watching.

I love to push the boundaries of colour and design and muddle it all
up into an eclectic, multi-layered interior cocktail that’ll leave you
giddy with inspiration.


Want to know more?

Say hi to the team.

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