Colour Forecast: Dulux Colour Trends 2018

ESCAPADE palette featuring Dulux Sir Edmund, Cuticle Pink and Mossburn Styling by Bree Leech and photography by Mike Baker

This is always a favourite part of my year – the Dulux Colour Forecast.  Dulux NEVER fail to inspire with hue heavy imagery that will totally change the way you think of colour and how to use it in our spaces.  Nicely umbrellaed under the word BALANCE, each of the four palettes takes cues from the world around us, the latest in design and social happenings and form a solid story of curated themes – Essential, Kinship, Escapade and Reflect.

“Balance is desired in many areas of our lives, whether it be at work, at home with family, our lifestyle or simply within ourself. With future interiors in mind, the idea of balance is crucial to ensure we live and work in harmonious spaces that help to stimulate our senses, as well as enabling us to relax and retreat”

Each year there’s usually one pretty strong theme that you tend to warm to immediately and for me it would have to be ESCAPADE, but gradually as you learn about each theme you slowly start to fall in love with new colours and combinations that give unlimited possibilities to interiors which is incredibly exciting.

ESCAPADE palette using Dulux Bondi Pink and St Edmund | Styled by Bree Leech and Photographed by Lisa Cohen | Pouf by Poliform, Divider from Global West, Quilt Cover Set from Linen House, Fitted Sheets and Pea Cushion by Kip and Co, Pendant Light from Space, Side Table from District, Brass Lamp from House of Orange, Artwork by Ben Craven, Mirror and Jewellery Box from Designstuff

The ESCAPADE colour palette immediately takes you to warm days sitting poolside in Palm Springs with minty blues (Dulux Waitiki Landing and Manu Bay) and lolly pinks (Dulux Friends and Cuticle Pink).  It’s all about the quest for fun and adventure.

There’s a fun loving quality to these this colour palette that offers up a huge dose of feel good factor which feels spontaneous and up beat – it certainly lifts the soul and brings out that sense of fun and holidays.  We know how good a vacation feels so there really is no excuse not to bring this feeling into our homes.

This scheme also allows for organic forms to works alongside more solid structures – a heady mix that creates spaces that take you away to someplace special.  These colours and ideas bring destinations to you and your home. Staycation – yes please.

ESSENTIAL palette using Dulux Gnu Tan, Suede Effect Century Mist, Dieskau, Terrace White, Flooded Gum, Little Shoal Bay and Clay Court | Styled by Bree Leech and Photographed by Mike Baker

The ESSENTIAL palette immediately lowers the noise and sets a scene for simplicity and softness.  An ode to natural textures, it champions muted shades as well as stronger tones like browns (Dulux Gnu Tan and Clay Court) and blues (Dulux Little Shoal Bay and Adele Island).  They have even added a very natural pink to help compliment these tones (Dulux Mornington Half) which I am already falling hard for.

ESSENTIAL palette using Dulux Gnu Tan and Spanish Olive | Styled by Bree Leech and Photographed by Lisa Cohen | Chair and Coffee Table by Hub, Rug by Halcyon lake, Vase by Scout House and Bronze dish by Henry Wilson

It’s neutral but with a colourful edge that reminds us that we are allowed to put colour onto walls and that’s it’s not all about being loud and saturated to make a design statement.  This has impact just by being soft, natural and present in the space.  It allows us to feel like we can slow down and reconnect with spaces like never before.  It’s instant mindfulness through colours and design.

KINSHIP palette using Dulux Motueka, Tikitiki, and Very Terracotta | Styled by Bree Leech and Photographed by Mike Baker

The KINSHIP palette takes us to another place entirely.  These colours take us back to not just our roots but connects us with the world.  They remind us that we are a global community which can be reflected in our home spaces.  With much social unrest and global uncertainty it’s nice to feel a sense of place and the feeling of being home.  This palette most definitely offers us this.

Bringing these colours into your current realm is a intimate nod to the power of tribes, family and community.  It’s a real celebration of traditional folklore and cultural diversity which can’t be ignored, so instead should be embraced.  A big hug around the world.

KINSHIP palette using Dulux Very Terracotta and Cardrona | Styled by Bree Leech and Photographed by Lisa Cohen | Armchair by Mobilia, Rug from Halcyon Lake, Coffee Table by Apparentt, Sofa from Voyager, Cushions from Figgoscope, Vase from Modern Times, Ceramic Vessel and basket from Kazari, Set of Terracotta Pots from Hub

What I loves about this palette is the askew colours – different version of the regulars.  The subtle blue (Dulux Ruski), the grubby green (Dulux Herbalist), the orange toned pink (Dulux Maiko) and the bright mustard (Dulux Fortrose).  These colours feel new – they feel exciting and offbeat and I personally can’t wait to try these in some new spaces.  I also think I have a new favourite red (Dulux Outrageous Red)

REFLECT palette features Dulux Ohaupo, Amazon Queen and Martinborough | Styled by Bree Leech and photographed by Mike Baker

The REFLECT palette is the colour equivalent to ‘tipping our hats’ to the past, especially the 70’s with large helpings of the 90’s.  Modern day has really got us very involved in a smart and technological world and this palette is our chance to help us find greater meaning in what we choose to surround ourselves with.

REFLECT palette using Dulux Goyder Green | Styled by Bree Leech and photographed by Lisa Cohen | Armchair by Space, Chaise and Coffee Table by Voyager, Pendant Light by Statelight, Artwork by Stefan Gevers, Cushions by Zuster, Rug by Behruz Studio, Side table by Anibou, Glass on table by Franque

The colours range from pigment rich greens (Dulux Goyder Green, Wiroa Island and Amazon Queen) to a display purple based pinks (Dulux Smokey Quartz and Morikau) and mauves (Dulux Martinborough), right into a dense purple (Dulux Nugget Point).  There’s going to be no problem finding a favourite mix of colours that will bring back memories from the past as well as creating new ones to take you into the future.


All of these images are really only a snippet of what Dulux are doing with the 2018 forecast, infact they have given a plethora of imagery, which you can get your own inspiration from, in the e-magzines that are out now.

From matching whites to each trend, to well known designers making their own palette choices, suggestions of schemes we can try and paint tips – these mags are such a great reasource for us all to use.







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Creative Collaboration: GEM Visa 3 Ways with… Freedom Furniture ‘Grace’ Bench Ottoman

Photograph by Babiche Martens.

Armed with my trusted GEM Visa I was whisked off to a local Freedom Furniture store to style one item three different ways… Today’s item was the beautifully stylish Freedom Furniture Grace Bench Ottoman in Plush Pink Velvet.

Photograph by Babiche Martens.

Taking the cue that this ottoman is not only good looking but also functional I wanted to add it to an entrance-way.  We come and go from our home so it’s nice to have a place to sit, put our shoes on and contemplate what we need for the day.  Space is also at a premium in an area like this so the ottoman is perfect to sit against the wall leaving plenty of room for human traffic.  The soft pink colour way also brings a nice lift to a predominately neutral and natural colour scheme.


+ Ottoman: Grace Bench Ottoman $999
+ Sidetable: Valencia 2 Door Buffet $1,299
+ Rug: Cowhide Floor Rug $549
+ Vases: Mottle Vase Grey $34.95 & Umi Vessel 30cm $59.95
+ Basket: Hampshire Bread Basket $44.95
+ Throw: Loopy Throw $199
+ Foliage: Rogue Bird of Paradise $39.95 each
+ Mirror: Keighley Mirror $269

Photograph by Babiche Martens.

Mixing up the seating around your dinning room table is an easy way to update the table’s look and feel.  Adding an upholstered bench ottoman contributes a sense of luxury and texture to a usually hard edged setting.  Team the bench seat with an upholstered chair in a complimentary colour and suddenly you have created a table-scape that is warm, inviting and and perfect for long lunches and family dinners.  Colour clues have been taken from the artwork which allows us to play with subtle tones of seafoam, teal, dusty pink and white.


+ Ottoman: Grace Bench Ottoman $999
+ Dining Table: Valencia Dining Table $999
+ Dining Chair: Stax Dining Chair $169
+ Pendant Light: Coron Ceiling Pendant
+ Artwork: Matthieu Print $289
+ Vase: Alondra Lantern $39.95
+ Foliage: Rogue Nut Pod $24.95 each
+ Table setting: Rattan Placemat $17.95, Oak Serving Board $54.95, 
Tailor Coupe Dinner Plate $11.95, Jet Side Plate $5.95, Sorrento Bowl $8.95,
Jett Mini Bowl $2.95
+ Glassware: Prestige White Wine Glass $34.95 set of 4, Prestige Red Wine Glass $34.95 set of 4 Cassiopla Water Glass $7.95 each

Photograph by Babiche Martens.

The last room to get the ottoman treatment is the bedroom.  This setting with it’s slubby bed linen, concrete floors, and black accents could head into a more masculine zone but the blush pink velvet fabric of the Grace Bench Ottoman breaks that up.  Add the same tone into the bedding and it ties in the soft colour perfectly to break up the heavy influence of darker tones.


+ Ottoman: Grace Bench Ottoman $999
+ Rug: Melibu Floor Rug 160 x 230cm $699
+ Bedding: Crushed Cotton Sheet Sheet $229,
Brushed Marl Pillowcase Set $39.95, Brushed Marl Quilt Cover $179,
+ Cushions: Dorian Floor Cushion $54.95, Carlotta Cushion $44.95
+ Bed: Oslo Queen Bed $1299, Chelsea Queen Plush Mattress $1,499
+ Bedside Table: Mayson Side Table $299
+ Plant: Rogue Agave $319
+ Bedside Lamp: West End Table Lamp $129
+ Bedside Objects: Concrete Large Star $32.95, Crestwood Vessel 14cm $17.95,
Crestwood Vessel 8cm $14.95,  Metric Mug Diagonal $6.95
+ Art: Bakari Wall Art $299

Photograph by Babiche Martens.

Each set wouldn’t be possible without the help of my fantabulous GEM Visa.  It really gives you flexibility when purchasing with long-term interest free deals with Freedom.  So you can buy what you need and not pay interest for 6 months!  Most definitely the smarter way to shop!



All products used in these sets are current and now available from Freedom Furniture

+ this blog post is a paid promotion in collaboration with GEM Visa

+ Styling by Alex Fulton Design

+ Photography by Babiche Martens

+ All styled in-store at the wonderful Westgate Freedom Furniture store (thank you to all the staff that went above and beyond to help us!)


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Creative Collaboration: Barker’s of Geraldine Squeezed Fruit and Botanicals

Barker's of Geraldine Squeed Fruit & Botanicals

Barker’s of Geraldine Squeed Fruit & Botanicals

Ooooooooh I do love a good collaboration and the good folk at Barker’s of Geraldine have asked me if I would spin my AFD styling magic over their new Squeezed Fruit and Botanicals range of premium fruit cordials.

Barker's of Geraldine Squeed Fruit & Botanicals

Barker’s of Geraldine Squeed Fruit & Botanicals

This set all stems from the idea of the forbidden fruits.  A little garden of Eden that has produced a bounty of goodness that may look so good it’s forbidden but lucky for us it’s not.  Snakes, crystals and plenty of lush greenery, this is a sophisticated picnic for two.

Barker's of Geraldine Squeed Fruit & Botanicals

Barker’s of Geraldine Squeed Fruit & Botanicals

In this range:

+ Squeezed Blood Oranges with Lime and Bitters

+ Squeezed Redcurrant with Cranberry and Pomegranate

+ Squeezed Lemons with Lime, Cucumber and Mint

+ Squeezed Blackcurrants and Blueberries with Elderflower.

Barker's of Geraldine Squeed Fruit & Botanicals

Barker’s of Geraldine Squeed Fruit & Botanicals

Mmmmmmmm – how will you drink your’s?!

Products all sourced from The AFD STORE 

Rug: Pappelina Noa Rug in Grey with Turquoise Stripe 70 x 90cm $163

Crystal: Stoned Rose Quartz $119

Container: Good Thing Bowl in Grey $89

Candles: Good Thing Pair of Candles Sticks in Red $65

Art: ‘Uncle Ian’ by Alex Fulton Design, POA

Set Colours: Dulux Blue Lagoon (Teal), Dulux Flat Point (Pink) and Dulux Colombo Street (Red)

All images are ©Alex Fulton Design for Barker’s of Geraldine

* This is a paid collaboration and all ideas and styling are from Alex Fulton and approved by Barker’s of Geraldine

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6 Ways to make a Grand Entrance


Ooooh it’s me… talking about creating a Grand entrance for your home.  There will be a link to the full video below, but I wanted to share 6 tips about how to create you own grand entrance in your very own home.


1. Match colours to the feel and purpose of your home

We are based at the beach so there’s a real coastal vibe happening and the colours reflect this feeling.  It’s about matching the feeling and the elements that surround your home and how you want to reflect this in your asthetic design vision – try these Pop and Scott Pots from Copper and Pink.  I wanted a softer, natural feel that reflected the vibe we wanted our home to have as well as the location that it’s in.


2. Hightlight features and disguise flaws

Sometimes we are stuck with certain features that we just can’t change, so using colour and objects are an easy way to help highlight the good bits and hide the not so good bits.  We couldn’t change the weatherboard exterior colour as it had just been painted by a previous owner, but we could change the door colour as that was a lot cheaper and time efficent to carry out.  I chose a punchy blush pink (Dulux Millers Flat) that helped to draw your attention away from the neautral weatherboards and highlight the unique style of the entrance way door.


3. Complement the style and architecture

Walking the neighbourhood is a great way to get some clues about the architecture in your ‘hood and is an easy way to help you narrow down what you like and what you don’t.  It can help to find design features that connect with you and you can apply to your home and exterior.


4. Keep the continuity

Interior Designers, like me, are always talking about the flow of a house and this is especially true for an entrance way.  It’s the first clue a visitor gets to tell them what’s to come.  The colours and patterns used in an entrance way should reflect what is going to happen in the rest of the home.  For us it’s a touch of monochrome, house plants, a smattering of blond wood, and highlights of blush pink and yellow.


5. Make use of storage and accessories that match your style

Don’t forget that the entrance way is acutally another room in the house and should be treated as such – given the same consideration as other parts of your home.  I like to make sure that there is plenty of storage as well as a place to sit and put on and take off shoes.  This area tends to become a dumping ground for bags, keys and other bits and pieces so try to provide hooks, hangers and baskets to give these goodies a home.  For us we got a clever peg board (from George and Willy) which let’s us hang hats, umbrellas and shelves for other little bits and bobs.


6. Hardware should be good looking and functional

A digital lock works really well for our family which is coming and going all the time.  It means no lost keys and it allows us to give access to friends and family when we are out of town or to a tradesmen if needed.  It’s great for piece of mind and this particular lock (the 3109 from Yale Locks) is very user friendly and all members of the family can easily use it.  It looks good AND it works well which is a huge tick from me.

Your entrance way should be fun and a reflection of you and whoever lives in your home.  It should show who you are and how you want to live – tell your interior design story!

I really hope these tips help and if you want to see more check out the full video: Yale Grand Entrances – Alex Fulton


This post is a collaboration between Alex Fulton Design and Yale Locks NZ.

All imagery and video is the property of Yale Locks NZ/AFD and needs to be credited accordingly.

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Dulux Autumn Trends 2016


Well this certainly makes be feel a little better about saying good-bye to Summer.  Dulux has again managed to lift our seasonal spirits with colour – not just any colour but darned good colour.  Surprised but not surprised.  They ALWAYS deliver the good oil (or paint in their case!)

W4-151119-Dulux-Autumn-003_V2_HighRes W3-151119-Dulux-Autumn-001_HighRes W2-151119-Dulux-Autumn-004_V2_HighRes

These latest images use the Future Past colour palette with glory-days results.

Dulux Colours used:
Dulux Waihou Bay
Dulux Pretty Primrose
Dulux Pickled


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AFD Featured: Homestyle Magazine Oct/Nov 2015 – Fulton Bathrooms


When three bathrooms become two.  This bathroom used to be very skinny and long and across the hallway was another bathroom (that also separated two living areas) so it made sense to delete two bathrooms that were not user friendly and make one larger, lighter and brighter space that suited us more as a family.

This bathroom was the second bathroom to be renovated so I wanted the space to compliment the bespoke features of the ‘girls’ bathroom (see below), like the all white tapware, the round handles, the double vanity and the hanging exposed bulbs.  Same same but different.  Where the girls bathroom had the yellow ‘shower box’ at the end I wanted different accents for this space.  The large floating orange cabinet was perfect for storage (a must in a bathroom) as well as adding a colourful right hand jab.  The orange came about becasue of the Laminex Solid Surface 100% acrylic Neon Orange benchtop, which I colour-matched to Dulux Hot Embers and sprayed to make it look like a floating orange sculpture.  The Muuto pendants I chose a royal blue in the main bathroom with a yellow one for the toilet.

The toilet also features a disco ball which I sourced from a theatre lighting place in Auckland which I found online.  My local electrician throught it was quite mad but once it was installed I think he was quietly chuffed.  It changes colour in random order – very pleasing indeed.  The window ajoining the toilet and the bathroom allows it to be seen from both areas.  Genius and super for shower-based singing solo’s.


We decided to paint the floor white which was actually a test on my behalf as I have always wanted painted floor boards and the house has stained wooden boards.  We are so pleased with the Dulux paint finish that we will eventually paint all the wood out in the hallway and the kitchen/lounge.  The Armadillo & Co rug was also the perfect addition to the floor with it’s playful vibe and tough wearing qualities.



The artwork I spotted online fron Vintage Posters in Melborne – we had been spying their range and when I saw this poster I knew that it would be perfect for this space – at 3m long it was also a fingers crossed moment to see if it was a perfect – and it was.  It’s bold, retro and playful vibe is perfectly suited to our aesthetic as well as adding the colour injection required.  I also took a punt on the orange of the customised cabinet matching the orange in the artwork – Boom, perfect match!



The was the first bathroom that was rennovated – The Girls Bathroom.  This space has a triple access for both my daughters bedroom as well as an external door out to the pool.  Lucky ducks.  This makes it a perfect wet area and hides the masses of wet towels that girls of this age seem to use.  The yellow hexagon tiles mark out a shower/bath area and the aim was that it looks like a yellow box at the end of the room.  The tiles are the main feature of this bathroom and we sourced them from Academy Tiles in Australia.


It was also in my design plan to have no chrome in this bathroom and I managed to source the beautiful and simple white tapware and products from Astra Walker (Australia).  The only thing I couldn’t avoid being chrome was the tile trims as at least your eye is drawn away from that with the bolt of yellow!

Web-0W1A1977 Web-0W1A2033

The addition of plastic stools doubles as access to storage above the sinks for the kids as well as a place to ‘hang out’ or rearrange to suit their needs.  Spraying the heated towel rail in Dulux Boyzone (Blue) was another way to add some fun and colour without over powering the space.

Thank you Homestyle for featuring our bathrooms!

Interior Design: Alex Fulton Design

Architect: Chris Nott Architecture

Builder: Clarke Construction

Photography: Jim Tannock Photography

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The Block NZ 2015 : The Your Home and Garden Cover Challenge


The winning room! ‘Modern Minimalist’ by Jamie and Hayden. As luck would have it they choose the theme that best suited their style and took out the challenge. Model is wearing Zambesi.

What a treat it was to asked back again to judge one of the Block NZ‘s favourite challenge – to style a set to be photographed for the flipside cover of Your Home and Garden Magazine.

Your Home and Garden features some of NZ’s most beautiful homes and spaces and it was contestants turn to try their hand at styling for a cover shot.


A very close second – Cat and Jeremy’s room was beautiful with a stunning colour palette but just missed out with not getting the brief quite right. It was almost to close to call! Model wears Kowtow


The Dulux Clifford Bay wall of Sarah and Minanne’s room was almost 3D, a rich and deep blue that matched so well with the honeyed tones of the Mr Bigglesworthy dresser. Model wears Twenty Seven Names


Brook and Mitch’s room was certainly dreamy with that beautiful soft pink Dulux half Kumutoto wall. Model wears Kate Sylvester

This year we got them to randomly choose a model’s name and that would them there ‘brief’ for the shoot.  The models were superbly decked out in four of New Zealands leading fashion designers which also refected the brief.  Dulux colours were also chosed to offset the ‘hero’ piece from each set.

From top to bottom of above images:

Jamie and Hayden | Modern Minimalist | Colour Dulux Okarito | Model wears Zambesi

Cat and Jeremy | Structured Organic | Colour Dulux Tauherenikau | Model (Lou) wears Kowtow

Sarah and Minanne | Retro Revival | Colour Dulux Clifford Bay | Model (Maddie) wears Twenty Seven Names

Brooke and Mitch | Dreamer |Colour Dulux Half Kumototo | Model (Maggie) wears Kate Sylvester

These teams certainly brought out there styling A-game and made it all very tough to decide the best image for the cover.  I had to make my decision based on:

+ Best use of the brief

+ How the final image looks as a cover shot

+ Styling and composition

My top two were Jamie and Hayden and Cat and Jeremy.  Both looked super duper as a cover but Jaime and Hayden nailed the brief 100%.  When I judged this challenge I had no prior knowledge of any back story of the contestants or challenges won to date so it was niffy when I got to watch in TV land time knowing that eventually Jamie and Hayden get a win!

Jamie and Hayden Set

The ‘set’ illusion of a cover shoot. A good magazine shot shoud make a reader feel like it’s part of a real home – this black and white (and grey) mix had the right elements of composition, styling and balance!

Cat Jeremy Set

There was a lot of tooing and throwing with Cat and Jeremy – finding that just right angle can be the hardest part of a great photo

Brooke and Mitch Set

A different angle to the one used for the final image. Illusion is everything!


Sarah and Minanne Set

That dresser – they had made there angles too tight and left the ‘hero’ piece of furniture out of the limelight


Jamie and Hayden’s final set was perfectly put together and I can’t wait to see it published and proud on newstands across New Zealand!

Good luck to all the teams with your houses and we will all be watching with everything crossed to see the auction results.


All the good photos by Melanie Jenkins and Todd Eyre

All the other photos are by me on my iPhone!

To view the full episode (season 4 episode 24) see here


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Spring Forecast: Dulux palettes to bring you into Spring!


I have spied lambs and seen glimspes of blossoms and to me that means spring!  Spring also means time for change, a re-vamp in your interiors and my pals at Dulux have again come up with some serious Spring inspiration!

You won’t find muted pastels or traditional spring hues here – no sireebob – this palette is earthy, strong and has a touch of the masculine vibe that is unexpected but darned cool.  It’s literally bringing the outside in, making tones of brown and green the hero colours.  Accents of metallics, multi-tonal wood and lush leaves give this mix of colours a modern vibe and some voom voom cool factor.





“Think about a formal room or a casual sanctuary and create the mood of a library or space to escape,” Dulux Creative Consultant and Stylist Bree Leech says. “The ambience won’t be strictly traditional in style; but rather will have a sophisticated mix of old and new items, with plenty of plants to bring nature inside.”

Bree Leech, who is the creative marven behind these images also had these pearls to impart:

Style tips for spring 2015 from Bree Leech, Creative Consultant and Stylist for Dulux 

• Create a stylish, sophisticated and moody feel by pairing brown with a limited palette of neutrals, such Dulux Rawene and Cardrona.

• Add a highlight of green to brown schemes to lift the mood and provide a point of interest.

• Green and brown are great together but choose one as the hero and the other as a support. Colours can be lost when applied in equal amounts.

• Brown is a nostalgic colour; keep it contemporary by mixing nostalgic pieces, such as art and antiques, with modern furniture, lighting and accessories.

• Adding a touch of pink to an all-green colour scheme can give it a modern edge and draws on inspiration from spring blooms.

• For a touch of luxury, add metallic highlights of gold and brass.

On-trend interior colours for spring 2015 

Rawene: The perfect charcoal or “near black” which works with many other hues and can be used anywhere inside or outside the home to create a moody ambience.

Herald Island: A dark deep mesmerizing brown perfect to enhance a living room or bedroom and inject a warm sense of nurturing and security.

Shotover Street: A gorgeous deep green perfect for casual and formal living spaces, as well as bedrooms, which works well alongside browns, beiges and soft blues and greens.

Kopu: An earthy green that will enhance any space in the home and will naturally project the feeling of relaxation and tranquility.

Cardrona: A crisp, clean contemporary white that will feel fresh and bright and will present underlying warmth.

Longwood Forest: This mid based green has a slight yellow/green undertone which schemes well with natural, earthy colours such as deep browns, charcoals, stones and burnished oranges.

Find all the above colours over at Dulux online HQ here

Credits: Styling by Bree Leech and Heather Nette King with photography by Lisa Cohen for Dulux


AFD Featured: Homestyle Magazine Colour Issue Aug/Sept 2015


I know you shouldn’t read comments on facebook, and I usually just box on with my own design style and colour combinations but for some reason, with this room I did.  “Migraine inducing space” was the three words that stuck… not all the positive feedback and lovely comments – no, it was someone’s comment about my bedroom being ‘head-ache material’ that stayed with me.

Now, this is no science experiment, but having lived, sleep, chillaxed as well as conducted the odd yoga session I can hand on heart tell you that there has never once been a migraine produced or induced whilst dwelling in said room.  Infact I would go so far to say that this room is relaxing, a delight and one of my favourite in our house.  My husband backs me up 100%.

hsm_Alexbed2 hsm_Alexbed3 hsm_Alexbed4 hsm_Alexbed5 hsm_Alexbed1

Homestyle backed me up too and we were delighted to be featured in their Aug/Sept 2015 colour issue.  Grab your copy to get some insider tips on choosing pattern rich wallpaper and how to mix pattern with pattern.

You will also enjoy my friend Anya Brighouse’s colourful home and all the other good bits in-between.

Enjoy!  (Headache free I hope!)

Credits and Product info below.


Cover shot: Melanie Jenkins from Flash Studio

Alex Fulton’s Bedroom shots: Jim Tannock

Featured products:

Wallpaper Hanna Werning for Boras Tapeter

Blue Tallboy from Tim Webber Design

Denim Throw and White Linen Duvet Cover from Father Rabbit

Pug Light from Tea Pea

Pillowcases from Kip and Co LetLiv

Wall hung Pink and Yellow Lights from Catherine David Design

Roman Blinds in Shibori from Scion Malcolm Fabrics

Rubber Pendants in Yellow and Blue by Muuto from Bauhaus

Uashmama Bags from Mintsix

Rug from Big Save

Green Tolix Stool from Madder and Rouge

Joinery designed by Alex Fulton Design by Nazareth Joinery

Dulux Colours: Dulux Red Clown (Red/Orange), Dulux Deep Storm (Navy), Dulux Shotover Street (Green) and Dulux Napier (Dark Pink)



New Project: Marlborough Book Festival 2015


For the second year running I have been involved in the design ‘theme’ and set-up for the Marlborough Book Festival / it’s a pretty open brief and always fun working with super arty Kata Vavasour and crafty-mumma Mands Jones.  These two just make it happen.


Each year we have to turn the character rich ye olde halls of The Blenheim Club into a venue suitable for 9 of New Zealand’s contemprary writers and 1 documentary maker.

This year we went with the theme of ‘targeted reading’ using a delicious combination of Dulux* colours:

Okarito (White)
Taihape (Black)
Dashwood Pass (Caramel)
Mavora (Mid Gray)
Cook Strait (Ocean Blue)
D’urville Island (Seafoam Green)
Morison Bush (Light Green)
Moorhouse St (Orange)

* special thanks to Dulux as all the paint was donated free of charge

IMG_2749 IMG_2751 IMG_2753





Kate asked her wee students to ask what reading means to them… super cute.

The stage used products from the AFD Store – tying in the colours that were used in the targets.



Photography: Alex Fulton via iPhone 6 Plus

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