Louise Paramor Supermodel Exhibition

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Supermodel is a series of small assemblage sculptures constructed from found plastics, alongside abstract paintings, which are interpretations of these sculptures or 'supermodels'.

The 'supermodels' have figurative leanings and therefore first names and are presented on long thin platforms, alluding to a catwalk or runway. 

The paintings, on glass (back of), are based on photographs taken by the artist that depict a pair of the 'supermodels' and are titled accordingly, for instance - Victoria and Eric, Uma and Aaron, Maxine and Bryan etc. 

The first 18 ‘supermodels’and 9 ‘supermodel’paintings were featured in the solo exhibition Supermodel at Turner Galleries, Perth, Western Australia and then at Canberra Contemporary Art Space, in the two-person exhibition, Action Stations, with Peter Maloney. A further 12 ‘supermodels’ and 6 ‘supermodel’ paintings were produced for the two-person exhibition, Curveball, with Lisa Young, at Sarah Scout Presents, Melbourne.

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