Abi Hone: A celebration of a beautiful girl


It’s not often I post personal stuff but I am today.  A lot personal with a little bit a design.

In my May this year I lost my goddaughter, a father lost his bubble ball of energy, a mother lost a precious daughter, brothers lost their beautiful silly sister, friends and family lost a caring, warm and funny buddy, a community lost a shinning star.  Abi Hone was more things to others than she would have ever guessed.  She was simply  ‘Our beautiful girl’.

In the same tragic accident that took Abi’s life , we also lost two other dear friends, Mother and Daughter, Sally and Ella Summerfield.  Two unbeliveably beautiful souls that left us too early.  A stupid loss that came out of nowhere and ripped our hearts to pieces.

We greive and we remember our three beautiful girls.

Abi was larger than life, she was infectious and she showered all who knew her in love, laughter and silliness. She was a twelve year old girl that was excited by life and you couldn’t help but feel that too when you where around her.  We were so lucky to know her.

I wanted to do something.  But what?

I was honoured to be part of the celebration of her life, her funeral.  It’s not right but you just had to push that aside and honour her zest, her energy and her life.  I did that through colour and dots.

The amazing girls from KM2 Creative came the party and donated hundreds of coloured dots (all in Abi’s favourite colours) and we decorated everything in them – even Abi’s Dad builders truck.  They made us smile even on the saddest day.  A silly little colourful dot made us smile on the darkest day.  The power of colour hey.




I have had these dots made up into a pack of 90 (each pack contains 15 dots in 6 colours) and we are selling these packs through the AFD Store. They retail for $38 and $12 from each sale goes to the families chosen charity – the Starship ‘Make a wish’ Foundation.


They are called ‘Wall Confetti’ but you can decorate anything in them, let your imagination run wild and honour Abi’s life in colour and fun.

If you would like to buy a pack you can come into the AFD Store here in Blenheim or contact us on and we will send them out to you anywhere in the world.

*UPDATE: We are now charging for postage as we have had such an overwhelming response from all of you beautiful people!  I don’t make any money out of these dots, nor do I want too but I do have to cover our cost.  I hope you understand.

Abi’s Mum, Lucy Hone, is amazing and an incredible friend.  She has encouraged me to do this project and has given me her families blessing.  She is not only dealing with the lost of a daughter but two dear friends.  She has started a blog which I highly recommend you visit.  It’s insanely humbling, hugely insightful and a reminder of why we should appreciate “your one wild and precious life”.

Love you Luce.





  • Lucy Hone - July 18, 2014

    With tears streaming down my face I thank you dear Lex (and KM2Creatvie) for your words, your love of life, your love of our GG (or Tripple A as Jeff called her). She loved you all so so much. Your dots are a wonderful gift: a legacy of colour, as vibrant and bubbly as our dear Abi. I, for one, am going to enjoy plastering the world with them. I look forward to seeing them crop up everywhere from Cornwall to Cannes, from Salamanca to Salcombe, from Philadelphia to Peterborough. And all over New Zealand, let’s make Aotearoa the Land of Lots of Coloured Dots! Please!
    Collectively we’ll never forget her xxxxx

    • admin - July 18, 2014

      My pleasure (as you already know). It’s an honour. I will send these colourful dots FAR AND WIDE! The response has been nuts…!

  • Miranda - July 18, 2014

    Hi Alex,

    What a lovely idea, it has been such a shocker for everyone to learn of these families tragic losses, I am so very sorry for everyone involved. I think your idea is a sweet way to honour a person, especially a child.
    Can I please buy a pack – for you to give to the next person you think needs a bit of cheering up?
    Flick me your account number and I will deposit $38.00 in your account.

    take care

    Miranda xx

    • admin - July 18, 2014

      Miranda you lovely thing you. Will do! I’ll email you the details – let us send them to you and you can give to someone that needs them x

  • mel - July 18, 2014

    What a beautiful idea to honour Abi. We need to hold our loved ones so tight and I feel so terribly sorry for you and the families of those beautiful souls. I’m a big believer that there is more out there and in some way they’ll all be together again one day. Love to you all! Mel xx

    • admin - July 18, 2014

      Thanks Mel – I could’t agree more x

  • Sian - July 18, 2014

    I need an unlimited supply of these! I need to dot my bedroom, my computer, my books, my everything! It’ll be a way to honour her everyday in my life, brilliant! She left an impact on my life, and just because she’s gone, doesn’t mean that impact will fade.

    • admin - July 18, 2014

      So sweet of you Sian. I totally agree. What a sweetie you are. Email me and I can give you all the details

  • Laura Williams - July 18, 2014

    This is so amazing. I’m looking forward to joining this dot movement. Except I can’t figure out how to buy them. Please help.

    • admin - July 19, 2014

      Hey Laura – thanks for getting in touch. Please email the store afdstoreatalexfultondesigndotcodotnz and they will tell you all.

  • Jo - July 18, 2014

    I remember beautiful Abi coming into our Sumner Physio clinic with both Lucy and Trevor… I haven’t stopped thinking about you all since the tragic accident. Just so incredibly sad. We now live in the UK after the earthquakes… And just wanted Lucy to know I’ll buy a big bag of amazing stickers and put them around Cornwall and Salcombe for you. They are beautiful places in the world, just like the three beautiful souls that were taken too early. Sumner is no doubt doing their upmost to support you through this tragic time. Our loving thoughts to both families. Kia kaha. Jo Griffiths ( Guise) xxxxx
    Ps admin please email your account details for me to purchase stickers xx

    • admin - July 19, 2014

      Hi Jo,
      So lovely that you have made contact. Please email the store and they will give you all the info on how to order and we will do the rest (including no charge for postage!).
      Thanks so so much. Alex

    • admin - July 19, 2014

      Email: afdstoreatalexfultondesigndotcodotnz

  • Kate sanders - July 19, 2014

    If the Hone family were agreeable, I would love to see a Sumner container covered in these. I wonder how many packets would be needed to cover one? I think every family at Sumner School and beyond would donate a packet in Abi’s memory. I would be more than happy to help make this happen.

    • admin - July 19, 2014

      YES! Let’s do it. I will help my end too and can speak to the girls from KM2 Creative to get the cost down. Email me directly and we will do this thing! alexatalexfultondesigndotcodotnz. LOVE IT!

  • Kath - July 19, 2014

    Love love love this idea, I will happily colour the Village in these gorgeous dots.
    What if for each order taken, customers are asked if they’re like to put towards an extra packet for the container idea above. I’ll be a starter and happy to help colour up a container in the girls memory.

    • admin - July 19, 2014

      Thank you Kath – Lovely idea and I will pass that onto Kate x

  • Rachel Young - March 4, 2015

    I would like two packets of the Abi and Ella dots. Can you please send me bank account details so the I can transfer funds.

    Thank you

    • admin - April 25, 2015

      Hi Rachel, the best way to buy Abi’s Dots is my emailing and they will give you all the details on how to purchase the dots. Thank you so much! Alex

  • isabella carter - July 2, 2015

    i would like to buy abi dots