AFD Collaborates: Alex Fulton Design + Dulux 2014/2015


Well hello September 2014 and hello collaboration!

It’s been a weeny while in the making but finally we have managed to get this little idea off the ground and turned into real life reality.

I have been working with Dulux over the past year as their ambassador for the ‘United by Style’ initiative, and part of that is working closely with (surprise surprise) colour.  My favourite and my best!  I had been dreaming up many ways to merge my world of design with Dulux’s surberb range of colours and it hit me after someone asked me what Dulux colour some of my new branding* was.

Of course: My branding + Dulux = Perfect match.


Next was how to package it in a fun, functional and designery way.

A calendar, my friends, a calendar.

Not wanting to do the usual Jan to Dec, we decided to start in September / my birthday month (I should have really printed that on there) and the start of spring.  Also it’s got the added bonus of not having to worry about replacing your calendar in January when you are still lying on the beach.


There are 12 months’ worth of branding with handy matching Dulux colours on the reverse.  AND there’s more.  After each month expires the postcard can be torn off to be used as a postcard to share, keep or play with.


We want to keep you inspired and colour happy all year round.

NOW – here’s the best bit…. you can win one of eight AFD + Dulux calendars with the Dulux New Zealand Facebook page.  Keep checking for there  for details and I will also post on my facebook and instagram so you don’t miss out.

Special thanks goes to Dulux NZ, *Hardhat Design (for making it so pretty) and Johnston Press for the printing.


All images:  Art Direction, Styling and photography by Alex Fulton Design.

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