AFD Featured: Homestyle Magazine Colour Issue Aug/Sept 2015


I know you shouldn’t read comments on facebook, and I usually just box on with my own design style and colour combinations but for some reason, with this room I did.  “Migraine inducing space” was the three words that stuck… not all the positive feedback and lovely comments – no, it was someone’s comment about my bedroom being ‘head-ache material’ that stayed with me.

Now, this is no science experiment, but having lived, sleep, chillaxed as well as conducted the odd yoga session I can hand on heart tell you that there has never once been a migraine produced or induced whilst dwelling in said room.  Infact I would go so far to say that this room is relaxing, a delight and one of my favourite in our house.  My husband backs me up 100%.

hsm_Alexbed2 hsm_Alexbed3 hsm_Alexbed4 hsm_Alexbed5 hsm_Alexbed1

Homestyle backed me up too and we were delighted to be featured in their Aug/Sept 2015 colour issue.  Grab your copy to get some insider tips on choosing pattern rich wallpaper and how to mix pattern with pattern.

You will also enjoy my friend Anya Brighouse’s colourful home and all the other good bits in-between.

Enjoy!  (Headache free I hope!)

Credits and Product info below.


Cover shot: Melanie Jenkins from Flash Studio

Alex Fulton’s Bedroom shots: Jim Tannock

Featured products:

Wallpaper Hanna Werning for Boras Tapeter

Blue Tallboy from Tim Webber Design

Denim Throw and White Linen Duvet Cover from Father Rabbit

Pug Light from Tea Pea

Pillowcases from Kip and Co LetLiv

Wall hung Pink and Yellow Lights from Catherine David Design

Roman Blinds in Shibori from Scion Malcolm Fabrics

Rubber Pendants in Yellow and Blue by Muuto from Bauhaus

Uashmama Bags from Mintsix

Rug from Big Save

Green Tolix Stool from Madder and Rouge

Joinery designed by Alex Fulton Design by Nazareth Joinery

Dulux Colours: Dulux Red Clown (Red/Orange), Dulux Deep Storm (Navy), Dulux Shotover Street (Green) and Dulux Napier (Dark Pink)




  • tina stephen - August 3, 2015

    NEVER EVER READ THE COMMENTS!!! Esp at 11 pm. 😉

    • admin - August 3, 2015

      Reckon Roomie!! True dat!

  • Amanda - August 3, 2015

    Why people feel the need to make negative comments I will never understand! It’s like our mums always told us – if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything.

    • admin - August 13, 2015

      Too true Amanda!