AFD Store: Opening Night!

1) AFD Store Opening April 9th 2014. Photography By Sophie Jensen

AFD Store is a dual design concept store that functions as a retail space and an interior design hub.

We want to sell design, push colour and peddle function from New Zealand and abroad.

We are slightly obsessed with objects of colour and things that stand out from the normal. 

We embrace the slightly different and encourage individuality.  

We would like to think of ourselves as the portal to new worlds of design, local and overseas.  Rebels of retail that will encourage our customers to think differently, shop with their hearts and design like no one is watching.

Well I did it.  It’s open and I have not stopped to catch a breath…. until now.

The AFD Store is something that has been in the back of my mind for sometime now.  For those of you that follow my ramblings you will know that I announced plans back at the end of last year, then said no, then changed my mind again, then said yes.  It was the space that captured my imagination and AFD store was born.

Like any journey it’s been a rocky road getting to where we are and I have no doubt there will be many more bumps along the way, but when I stand back and survey the space my heart sings and I feel proud as old punch.

This night was a way to thank all my friends, family and supporters that have been there for me and made it all possible.  The rain tried it’s hardest to deter but it was sunny inside…

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I would especially like to thanks Jules Taylor Wines and Eradus Wines for supplying the amaing selection of Marlborough’s finest, BV Gourmet for the superstar nibbles, Kat at iBicci for the designer logo biscuits, Sophie Jensen for the photography and all round assistance and lastly but never least my husband Jeff Fulton (The Vines Village Captain) for the everything else.




  • - April 20, 2014

    Brilliant Alex. You’re amazing! Congrats, from the ‘team at Roomie’

    • admin - April 20, 2014

      Thanks team – love your support!