Dulux Colour Forecast 2019: FILTER

DULUX COLOURS: Wall (rear) in Dulux Tata Beach, Wall (front) in Roxburgh. PRODUCTS: Popsycle Lemon rug, Jardan | Gin dining table, Nicholls Design | Cap lounge chair by Jasper Morrison for Cappellini, Cult Design | Terrazzo planter by Tantri Mustika Ceramics | Pepite Sculpture Maquette 02, Gidon Bing |‘Mustard’ original painting by Stacey Rees, Modern Times | Thonet S 533 chair by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe | Anibou B4 planters by Studio Ciao | Something Beginning With ‘Sculpture 13 ‘original sculpture by Mark Alsweiler, Modern Times

It’s that time of the year when we get to say HEEEEELLLLLOOOOOOOOO to the newest Dulux Colour Forecast from the colour dream team

+ Bree Leech (Creative Director, Dulux Australia)
+ Andrea Lucena-Orr (Colour and Communications Manager, Dulux Australia)
+ Davina Harper (Colour and Design Specialist, Dulux New Zealand).

These colour connoisseurs head over to the Milan Furniture Fair each year, searching for what hues are raising their heads above the colour-crowd and then they kindly group them for us in easy to digest palettes, ready to consume… and they are delicious!

The overall concept of FILTER is all about how we are influenced by the tech heavy world we inhabit and how we should splinter off aspects that suit, reflect and enhance how we individually want to live.  What initially seems overwhelming, can be compartmentalised into elements that elevate all parts of our lives rather than hinder and drag us down.  It’s all about choice and reflection – something we tend to forgot to do when we are being bombarded with too much sensory information.  Its time to care about repairing, maintaining your wholeself, creating a legacy and initiating an identity for yourself.

Let’s break them down into bite size bits.


DULUX COLOURS: Wall (rear) in Dulux Shepherd’s Warning, Console in Federation Brown Wall (right) in Pink Linen Half, Ceiling & trims in St Clair Quarter PRODUCTS: Capitello stool by Moroso, Hub Furniture | Arkley sofa, Jardan | Khyber Collection rug, Behruz | Velvet cushion in Terra, House of Orange | Printed cushion in Osaka, House of Orange | Fanuli Alpaca velvet cushion in Whisper Pink | Fanuli Gloria brass ring, Great Dane Furniture | European Wig Doll, Scout House | Orphelia Ritual One art print, Figgoscope Curates | Line table lamp in blush (on console) Douglas & Bec | Ezra coffee table, Grazia & Co | ‘The Creation’ sculpture in black by Iva Viana | Figgoscope Curates Column card stand in brass by Ferm Living | Designstuff Sphere card stand in brass by Ferm Living | Designstuff Books & magazines (on coffee table) | Stylist’s own Ardea armchair by Zanotta, Cult Design | Ceramic dish, Stylist’s own | Patina oil burner (on mantle), Great Dane Furniture | Normann Copenhagen Brilliant Box in purple by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen | top3 by design Regenbogan vase | Fenton & Fenton (top shelf) Spatia vase in rose by Aytm | top3 by design Glass box, Stylist’s own (middle shelf) | Oh So Single odd bookends, Hava Studio | Traditional French Still Life, Scout House (bottom shelf)


This palette reminds us that tradition is a teacher than can be applied into the present with skills and craftsmanship learned from the past.  Its a nod to the traditions but encourages us to put our own modern spin on things.  It’s a bit elegant, a bit classic, and a lot innovative. It also champions a few variations of purple but in a new modern way.

“Legacy values the timeless and elegant over the new and disposable”

This palette features saturated colours in warm hues of pale pinks, lilacs and mauves, with accents of red, blue and green to punctuate the scheme.


DULUX COLOURS: Walls in Dulux Southern Alps | Feature (right) in Dulux Massey | Column (left) in Dulux Devils Staircase | Column (right) in Dulux Sunbird Orange. PRODUCTS: Callimaco floor lamp, Artemide | Diana A side table by Konstantin Grcic for Classicon | Anibou Banana incense burner by Nonsense, Jardan |‘This Life We Share’ original artwork, by Jasmine Mansbridge, Fenton & Fenton | Helm sofa & blue cushions, James Richardson | Line throw by Tom Dixon, Safari Living | Tiger Multi cushion (reverse side), Bonnie & Neil | Soft cushion in wine by Tom Dixon & Velvet cushion in orange, Safari Living | Salt Plains rug by Alexander Lotersztain, Stylecraft | Plec coffee table by Antoni Palleja Office for RS Barcelona, Ajar | Perforated trays by Hay, Cult Design | Large orange facet vase | Nyary 400 armchair by Alvar Aalto for Artek, Anibou | Taylor ottoman in mustard velvet, Fenton & Fenton | Grimace vase & Funtasma candle-holder from the Folkifunki Collection by Jaime Hayon for Vista Alegre | Figgoscope Curates Shape Up vessels, Formantics | Wrap Knot Glacier sculpture & Joy armchair, Jardan | Untitled no.23’ original artwork by Max Lawrence White, Modern Times | ‘Blue Savana’ original artwork by Mim Fanning, Studio Gallery | Match Stick Banjo Pot in garnet, Capra Designs Tree Trunk vase by Hay, Cult Design | Dita stools (in kitchen), Grazia & Co | Showtime vases by Jaime Hayon for BD Barcelona | Ajar La Soufflerie French Blown Glass – Vase Tete | Nyary 70s Cobalt Blue large Murano vase | Nyary Pendant lights, Homeowner’s


I shouldn’t have favourites but this palette won me over… big time.  I especially nodded vigorishly when it was described as palette to “shed our conventional camouflage and take on a more flexible view of the world with fun, spirited energy and spontaneity”. Me. In. A. Nutshell.  A big, good-looking, atypical, chromatic nutshell.  Fair to say that this palette is the most vibrant and has been inspired by multicultural influences and anything that exudes individuality.

“Identity empowers you to show your true colours”

Its about experimenting with bold tones, clashing patterns and mixing gloss levels.  Pale colours are a base for unusual combinations of saturated blue, purple and oranges.


DULUX COLOURS: Wall in Dulux Otarara | Background wall in Big Lagoon PRODUCTS: Trenza floor cushion in Verde Mix by Valentina Hoyos Halcyon Lake | Old Yarn Fun Tulu rug Loom Rugs | Vintage Maralunga two-seat sofa by Vico Magistretti for Cassina in rich toffee leather, Modern Times | Bleached Solid Timber Stool, Safari Living | Sula vase by Pietro Bastia for Incipit, Meizai | Stoneware vase with handles by Britt Neech | Pepite Contemporary Japanese Oribe vase by Tanahashi Jun with Kintsugi repair | Kazari Large Industrial Light | Gidon Bing Ceramics | Fri easy chair by Jaime Hayon for Fritz Hansen, Cult Design | Flocca linen blanket in Russo, Hale Mercantile Co


There is an abundance of difference between the world we control via electronic objects and the unpredictability of Mother Nature.  This palette is about finding a balance between both.  We now put an emphasis on looking after and repairing our world and our relationships with nature and others by repurposing, recycling and evaluating consumption which are all reflected by the colour palette.

“Uplifting colours smooth out the rough edges with their authentic optimism”

Comprising neutrals alongside dirty greens, yellow and earthy hues of cinnamon and sienna, Repairs colours oxide warmth and a vintage feel


DULUX COLOURS: Wall in Dulux Silver Thaw Ceiling in Dulux Milton PRODUCTS: Mags Soft sofa by Hay, Cult Design | Mustard cushion, Homeowner’s | Edie Lifestyle Bedu cushion, Norsu Interiors | Fog pendant by Front design studio for Zero Lighting, Great Dane Furniture | Tibesti rug, Halcyon Lake | Moodlum side table & coffee table | Dean Norton Guaxs A hand-blown crystal tall glasses & carafe | Mondo Piero Bloomingville Stoneware large flower pot in Nature, Designstuff | Books, Stylist’s own | Stoneware enclosed form (on mantle) | Philippa Taylor Bloomingville Stoneware small flower pot in Nature (on mantle) |Designstuff Ceramic Vessels (on mantle) | Emma Gale Ceramic tassel with linen, Ceramic tassel with cotton, Philippa Taylor | Nuvola chair by Paolo Navone for Gervasoni | Anibou Knox suede cushion in Buff, Sly | Small white planter & large planter by Simone Karras, Pepite.


With the abundant exposure to screens and technology we are all crying out for a simpler, more susincient life with the empahsis on looking after who we are a and what we want to be.  Declutter and simplification are the mantra’s we would like to live by and inhabit.  Its simple, refined and calming with limited distractions.  You feel better just by looking at these quiet tones.

“Beauty is found in subtle textural details and quiet colour accents”

Think sumptuous texture and block colour of pinks, offset against warm neutrals, golds and mauve-greys.


So thats it.  This really has only been a wee taster.  There is more imagery to come to help inspire and surprise you, and I promise you will be looking at your walls with re-newed interest (I know I am).  I got some serious beige to cover up and these palette has provided the goods alright.

Styling and Creative Direction and all round awesomeness: Bree Leech
Photography and amazing eyes: Lisa Cohen

Images are all property of Dulux Australia and New Zealand

+ This is a paid endorsement which feels more like fun than hardwork +

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