Happy 13th Birthday Abi Hone


You would have been 13 today.  I guess you are 13 today.  Our beautiful girl.

Every day since we lost you, you are in our minds – how can you not be when you have left a legacy of colour, beauty, love and laughter behind.  All symbolised by Abi’s Dots.  You would love these dots Abs… they are everywhere, put there by everyone ,all helping us to remember to celebrate life and that we only have one wild and precious life.

Today is your birthday but it’s just like any other day becuase you are not here.

As your godmother I would have wanted you to know some things (and it would have been my duty!) and since you are not here I will share these things with the people that are here, all those beautiful young women and men that follow my instagram feed and my facebook page because of you.  These are things I shared with a group of Rangiruru School Year 13’s earlier in the year.  It’s about not being scared, not being normal and being amazing.

+  I’m not scared because I know I can control my own life and cope with the tough times.  Life is always going to throw you curve balls but the difference from ‘before’ to ‘now’ is that I wake up and say it’s going to be a good day.

+  I’m not normal because I follow my own path.  It’s not always easy but I’d rather be on this path than the path of anyone else.  It’s a rocky path at times but it’s still my path.

+ I’m amazing.  I’m amazing because I’m me and you are all amazing because you are you.

You were amazing Abs, you are amazing and I’m wishing you the happiest birthday where ever you are – Love you.




  • katie - April 24, 2015

    Such good words! You are truly a great role model Alex.

    • admin - April 25, 2015

      Thank you Katie for saying! Go you!

  • mel - April 24, 2015

    Sending you so much love Alex. What an amazing godmother you are still, carrying on Abi’s legacy. Love to you and Abi’s family today, I can only imagine how difficult it would be. Mel xx

    • admin - April 25, 2015

      Thanks Mel – you are too kind. Much love, Alex

  • SES + JEN - April 25, 2015

    Awh we love you Alex – you must be the best Godmother – treasure our Abi’s dots – what a special girl

    • admin - April 27, 2015

      Thanks Girls – Mawwwwwwhhhhh!