Studio Home Art House Mural by Alex Fulton

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In Februrary 2019 Alex created a collection of Art Work for Studio Home Art House

While creating the collection Alex had a brilliant idea to create a mural to compliment her amazing artworks. 

After convincing Julia (Studio Home creator) to let her create the mural, Alex set to work to paint a corner of Julia's beautiful home. 

The mural consisting of blues, pinks, yellow, terracotta and greens is a testiment to Alex's amazing colour undestanding and use. 

Created over three days, the mural was a success and admired by many of those that attended the Pop Up Art Sale and continues to grace Julia's wall and imagery from Art House

You can view the unsold artworks via the Studio Home website 




Chère Chérie Mural by Alex Fulton APR 2019
Chère Chérie Mural by Alex Fulton
Christchurch Restaurant 'Story' Mural NOV 2018
Christchurch Restaurant 'Story' Mural