Featured: David Trubridge and Brancott Estate / World of Wearable Arts

Ogilvy and Mather WOW Brancott Estate shoot  at TSB WOW Venue

Each day brings new and exciting things to my table (or in this case email) and the day I recieved an email asking to be apart of a very special collaboration between David Trubridge, Brancott Estate Wines and World of Wearable Arts was mostly definitely up there!

Ogilvy and Mather WOW Brancott Estate shoot  at TSB WOW Venue

Over the past six weeks David Trubridge has been collaborating with Brancott Estate on an art project that has incorporated hundreds of photographs submitted by the public representing a special or memorable ‘first’.  I was one of a handful of creatives to be asked to contribute to this piece (I found my photo right at the top edge of the left hand wing – you can just make out my graphic shapes of my logo wall)

Ogilvy and Mather WOW Brancott Estate shoot  at TSB WOW Venue

It was all to be about ‘firsts’ and my contribution had to be a representation of one of my firsts.  That was captured aptly with an image of the wall (with my new branding) in my new store and office space.

Ogilvy and Mather WOW Brancott Estate shoot  at TSB WOW Venue

There are 6 video logs and the last in the series that takes you through the process of idea to design.  Quite an intimate process that we get to share and be involved in, from David and his clever team.

Watch them here on You Tube:




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AFD Collaborates: Alex Fulton Design + Dulux 2014/2015


Well hello September 2014 and hello collaboration!

It’s been a weeny while in the making but finally we have managed to get this little idea off the ground and turned into real life reality.

I have been working with Dulux over the past year as their ambassador for the ‘United by Style’ initiative, and part of that is working closely with (surprise surprise) colour.  My favourite and my best!  I had been dreaming up many ways to merge my world of design with Dulux’s surberb range of colours and it hit me after someone asked me what Dulux colour some of my new branding* was.

Of course: My branding + Dulux = Perfect match.


Next was how to package it in a fun, functional and designery way.

A calendar, my friends, a calendar.

Not wanting to do the usual Jan to Dec, we decided to start in September / my birthday month (I should have really printed that on there) and the start of spring.  Also it’s got the added bonus of not having to worry about replacing your calendar in January when you are still lying on the beach.


There are 12 months’ worth of branding with handy matching Dulux colours on the reverse.  AND there’s more.  After each month expires the postcard can be torn off to be used as a postcard to share, keep or play with.


We want to keep you inspired and colour happy all year round.

NOW – here’s the best bit…. you can win one of eight AFD + Dulux calendars with the Dulux New Zealand Facebook page.  Keep checking for there  for details and I will also post on my facebook and instagram so you don’t miss out.

Special thanks goes to Dulux NZ, *Hardhat Design (for making it so pretty) and Johnston Press for the printing.


All images:  Art Direction, Styling and photography by Alex Fulton Design.

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5 tips 4: a kids bedroom

Alex Fulton

This is my eldest daughters bedroom.

Her brief (in her words):  Not too girly girly, I’m soooooo not like that but it’s still got to look like a girls room ok? I must have animals (hint: ALL my soft toys).  I need colours: black and white with lots of brights especially yellow, I love yellow.  Oh and I’m messy, so heaps of places to hide my stuff pretty please.

Tip #1:  Listen to your clients, no matter what their age is (and how you are related!).

Tip #2:  Who are you designing for?  I’m ALWAYS rattling on about being clear about who you are creating for – this is an interior design no brainer and a great place to start the design journey.

Tip #3 Be clear on budget.  You will get yourself into trouble if you are not crystal on how much you want/can spend.  Once you have settled on a figure then write a list of everything you need for that space (I call this a scope of work).  Now estimate what each will cost and this will quickly show if you are dreamin’ or on track.

Tip #4:  Spend the right money on the right things.  ‘Things’ can vary in cost and there is no point in spending money on a designer chair for a kids room if it’s going to get trashed.  In this room I needed a large rug to cover the very scratchy honey-coloured sisal carpet (so that she could play on the floor).  It was not in my budget to buy a huge rug BUT I found this beauty at Bed Bath and Beyond for $29.95 DONE.  Same with the wall dots.  I wanted spotty wallpaper but becasue of our insanely high ceilings it was going to cost a fortune sooooooo I went to Warehouse Stationary and brought quik stik dots.  Admittedly they don’t stick as well as the vinyl dots you can buy these days (which weren’t around  2 years ago) which are a really well priced option too!  Try KM2 Creative or One Hundred Percent Heart

Tip #5 Get creative.  My whippersnapper is soft-toy-mad but there was NO WAY I was keen to see them all over the bed/floor/cupboards etc so I made them a ‘net’ to capture them in .  It was perfect – they where out of the way and she could see them all while lying in bed.  Job done.

How to make a toy net:

I went to Bunnings to get all I needed.  Black netting, yellow rope, pulleys (or eye hooks), hooks, rings and a carbina.  Firstly I cut the net in a square approx. 1.5m x 1.5m then I weaved the rope around the edges (in and out) and knotted each corner.  I tied more rope off each corner and knotted a ring on the end.  The rings all joined onto the carabina which is then tied to a very long piece of rope that is attched to the ‘pully’.  Eye hooks guide the rope to a tie hold down by the bed so that your little one can operate it.  WARNING:  Soft toys en masse can be heavy so be careful when lowering or raising your net!  You made need to supervise or help out!!

Stuff in the Room:

Furniture (Bed, Wardrobe, bedside table and drawers) from Meluka

Lightshade made by Shademakers in IKEA fabric and coloured flex from ICO Traders

Art from Spoonful Design and framed by Seymour Framing (I customised the white boarders with black dot stickers)

Walls painted in Dulux Half Mount Aspiring

White open tall shelf by IKEA from AKIA

Red and White dogs my Magis Design from ECC

Black and White Rug with Pink Trim and Duvet from IKEA

Red spotty linen from Ezibuy

Pine tree Cushion by Fine Little Day from Douglas and Bec

Green spotty cushion from Bed Bath and Beyond


Image by Larnie Nicolson and features in the book NZ Interior Style (written by LeeAnn Yare)



Abi Hone: A celebration of a beautiful girl


It’s not often I post personal stuff but I am today.  A lot personal with a little bit a design.

In my May this year I lost my goddaughter, a father lost his bubble ball of energy, a mother lost a precious daughter, brothers lost their beautiful silly sister, friends and family lost a caring, warm and funny buddy, a community lost a shinning star.  Abi Hone was more things to others than she would have ever guessed.  She was simply  ‘Our beautiful girl’.

In the same tragic accident that took Abi’s life , we also lost two other dear friends, Mother and Daughter, Sally and Ella Summerfield.  Two unbeliveably beautiful souls that left us too early.  A stupid loss that came out of nowhere and ripped our hearts to pieces.

We greive and we remember our three beautiful girls.

Abi was larger than life, she was infectious and she showered all who knew her in love, laughter and silliness. She was a twelve year old girl that was excited by life and you couldn’t help but feel that too when you where around her.  We were so lucky to know her.

I wanted to do something.  But what?

I was honoured to be part of the celebration of her life, her funeral.  It’s not right but you just had to push that aside and honour her zest, her energy and her life.  I did that through colour and dots.

The amazing girls from KM2 Creative came the party and donated hundreds of coloured dots (all in Abi’s favourite colours) and we decorated everything in them – even Abi’s Dad builders truck.  They made us smile even on the saddest day.  A silly little colourful dot made us smile on the darkest day.  The power of colour hey.




I have had these dots made up into a pack of 90 (each pack contains 15 dots in 6 colours) and we are selling these packs through the AFD Store. They retail for $38 and $12 from each sale goes to the families chosen charity – the Starship ‘Make a wish’ Foundation.


They are called ‘Wall Confetti’ but you can decorate anything in them, let your imagination run wild and honour Abi’s life in colour and fun.

If you would like to buy a pack you can come into the AFD Store here in Blenheim or contact us on and we will send them out to you anywhere in the world.

*UPDATE: We are now charging for postage as we have had such an overwhelming response from all of you beautiful people!  I don’t make any money out of these dots, nor do I want too but I do have to cover our cost.  I hope you understand.

Abi’s Mum, Lucy Hone, is amazing and an incredible friend.  She has encouraged me to do this project and has given me her families blessing.  She is not only dealing with the lost of a daughter but two dear friends.  She has started a blog which I highly recommend you visit.  It’s insanely humbling, hugely insightful and a reminder of why we should appreciate “your one wild and precious life”.

Love you Luce.




Clever Cookie: Made by Mosey


I’ve fallen hard and very fast for the world of Made of Mosey.

I first found Madeleine Sargent (the creative behind Made by Mosey) and her bright coloured, hand crafted goodness via stylist Megan Morton’s instagram feed.  The stuff that you can find via Instagram, I tell you.    She had made Megan a pixelated quilted pineapple which she had sent to her (Megan has a thing for pineapples).  It caught my eye becasue it was not only beautiful but different.  I see pineapples everywhere but this one was a creative take on an everyday item.  Bingo.  My fav thing.

Since then I have been shyly liking her images and then occassionally commenting, which now has grown to Madeleine and her world of Made by Mosely being stocked (coming soon) in my real world of the AFD Store.  Hip hip hooray.

Mosey-AllIn-hero Mosey-Allin-2

This is the new range from Mads, and the first time she has complied a whole collection.  It’s called “ALL IN”.  It features fruit and eye cushions, feather garlands, cloud mobiles, wall diamonds and stuffed arrows.  Whismy-kid-to-adult-cool I call it.  Pieces to remind us all to add some humour to our interiors and not to take life to seriously while still being very designery.

I’m all in.


Good Prod: Kinder Ground Rugs


I know!  I can hardley believe I’m back posting too.

I was planning to do a “I’m so sorry and here’s explanation why” post but really I’m not sure you are too worried.  Just best to get back on the horse, re-group, pull socks up etc etc…

…and what a better way to blow out design cobwebs.  Rug-mania.

Kinder Ground are making you the designer and providing a customised service with a scratch of innovation and a slither of eco-goodness.  Based far away in NY USA, which is not so local for our NZ-ness, but I will investigate.

Kinder-GROUND-Modular-Carpet-11-600x232 Kinder-GROUND-Modular-Carpet-3-600x569 Kinder-GROUND-Modular-Carpet-12_tri_stack-600x581 kinder-GROUND-3-Design-Crush

Until then enjoy the colours, combinations and general feel good factor of these amazing floor covers.  I love love love.  Also let you eyes-a-wander around the rooms they are in here.

Well styled, Kinder Ground, well styled.


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AFD Store: Opening Night!

1) AFD Store Opening April 9th 2014. Photography By Sophie Jensen

AFD Store is a dual design concept store that functions as a retail space and an interior design hub.

We want to sell design, push colour and peddle function from New Zealand and abroad.

We are slightly obsessed with objects of colour and things that stand out from the normal. 

We embrace the slightly different and encourage individuality.  

We would like to think of ourselves as the portal to new worlds of design, local and overseas.  Rebels of retail that will encourage our customers to think differently, shop with their hearts and design like no one is watching.

Well I did it.  It’s open and I have not stopped to catch a breath…. until now.

The AFD Store is something that has been in the back of my mind for sometime now.  For those of you that follow my ramblings you will know that I announced plans back at the end of last year, then said no, then changed my mind again, then said yes.  It was the space that captured my imagination and AFD store was born.

Like any journey it’s been a rocky road getting to where we are and I have no doubt there will be many more bumps along the way, but when I stand back and survey the space my heart sings and I feel proud as old punch.

This night was a way to thank all my friends, family and supporters that have been there for me and made it all possible.  The rain tried it’s hardest to deter but it was sunny inside…

0mZ9ajaAXk-ba9297_gHn8CLCKWRviJX_wLIY-qEKy0 r346wd2WGObz5sFy2TBmeLpHzZ-HxogSahCV7hQdwew H8O03QvkkrJZp4QteZcEx_mZkoWMgO6Y_oQccgH3M9c 7k-bXMUbxg7QHXNEXsOAxlsNOcEjCPcpb3yoLhOfr80 _kSvWaHTS9a5BIMtUhiqfPcue6_kW9Nwp0qq48NdfO0 8Q_6hW90OLxqki2EZPvTxzulY-FutGMayPda3WWGMfc -WABG5ONBXu3VDoda9OnRjFx6jmPySgtiinTXzoG5Eg zHOdNxVmLtWXwOqRwNOSBWxBLVNEj4ZvRoSmpZJRAqg 884PXqiCTwSYbkQuyKN04bb4ihNupgAnLkxMarC1FG0 TEviL3q2p0ZdGWq7W37MA1hhOEJNwRAilbmmTEO_wuQ XcF13pur93MxDqllJQVJ0v_gxow83JvDYxP4Bue6ezY,SJ_pp2m43qHzi9HPOd_USywAHo4rVlg3x22as3oDsJU YJxdnI8cogrE4R6UlhVU8n_dWe7joqB92ogeZVnOq24 KIsxaRWAo7c0YcGoTcKPZbNWWCD5jT31J6bUcDASnAM Aiv2frVUBEmcico3rBkQcWUKhPbqUq8bGi_hBwqO0CM,58NmvzG3mNsNs-kvrf6iGbymHtN6hxIp6u79aaxNFns f10sX62Y2UGhPZvlnxSXNsDMGe0ziok8BQFrvA9nUFE

I would especially like to thanks Jules Taylor Wines and Eradus Wines for supplying the amaing selection of Marlborough’s finest, BV Gourmet for the superstar nibbles, Kat at iBicci for the designer logo biscuits, Sophie Jensen for the photography and all round assistance and lastly but never least my husband Jeff Fulton (The Vines Village Captain) for the everything else.



Giveaway: Nespresso Inissia ‘Summer Sun’ Machine on Instagram



***Winner*** Annick Larkin @arlarkin.  Thanks to all of you that entered!

No.  It’s not a pencil sharpener or a letterbox.  It’s the Summer Sun new Inissia coffee machine from Nespresso. AND YOU CAN WIN IT!

When I choose an interior design product, piece of furniture, or appliance I most definitely  ask what colours they come in.  Not surprisingly I tend to be attracted to bright, bold and different colours as it just makes life a lot better.  From a cheese grater to a chesterfield couch – everyday items are just better in colour.

My heart raced just a little more when I heard about the new and very colourful range of Coffee Machines from Nespresso.  The Inissia, like good design, is well formed, easy to use and super good looking.  Here’s your chance to win one.

I’m giving this away on INSTAGRAM.

Here’s how:  I would like you to take a photo of a colourful corner of a kitchen and post it on instagram with these hashtags #inissia #nespresso #colourfulcornerofakitchen #afdblog and follow me @helloalexfulton

You have all week to post images and I will draw it on Friday the 18th April 2014.

It could be your kitchen, a friends kitchen or your favourite cafe kitchen – anything with colour! We want to see where your future colourful Inissia could end up!   Each entry has a chance to go into the draw to win a Nespresso Inissia machine worth $299 in the vibrant Summer Sun colour way*.

Extra enteries are easy too – just share on your instagram feed and/or Facebook!

The WINNER will be announced here on the blog, facebook and instagram.

*Open to NZ enteries only.

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Visiting: Jardan, Melbourne




Would it be too corny to call this place the Jardan of Eden?  Probably.  But, I certainly found a little slice of heaven in suburb of Mt Waverley, Melbourne.  I have been spying Jardan and it’s organic shaped loveliness for some time.  It was always on the hot list for an Australian visit and this time I made it a priority.

I was welcomed with open arms and had an amazing session with Rowena talking all about the products, the ethos and the heartbeat behind this intelligent furniture brand.  They are constantly thinking about future proofing designs with high quality products built with a detail for craftsmanship.  They also have one eye on the environment and have been endorsed by the Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) label since 2007.

Since ticking the furniture box, they are also extending their range to include homewares/rugs/cushions/tableware/blankets to compliment their current offerings.  I also got to meet the design team behind the scenes – a pretty talented bunch with some pretty good stuff on the boil.  Watch this space.

They also have like to pair their pieces with equally good local art.  Those big bold beauties are from Emma Coulter.  Her art is stunning and is perfectly set in the Jardan showroom.

Many many pieces to fall in love with and they are ones to watch…  Now just to get a retail space here in NZ (and in my home!)  Or find them over here on the web.

Jar9 Jar8 Jar10 Jar5 Jar2




Giveaway: Out of The Box, Pair of Flamingos

Yay.  It’s a giveaway.  A pair of flamingos!

Out of the Box, a christchurch based ONLINE STORE is giving you a chance to win win win.

Out of the Box started a few years ago when Karen, the owner saw a gap in the market for fun, contempory furniture in Christchurch.  She also has may years of merchandising in China so the two merged and Out of the Box was born.  If you recognise the name it’s because I worked on the original ‘shop’ which was two shipping containers based in Sumner, Christchurch (also a finalist in the 2012 Dulux Colour awards), images form that project are here.  Now the store is online so that all can enjoy Karen’s eclectic style and style eye.

All you need to do is go over and ‘like’ them on facebook (and my facebook page if you haven’t already) and then visit their online store and tell me what item would be top of your wish list.  You get an entry for a like, your favourite item AND if you share my post on facebook.  Shameless I know…

You can do this either here on the blog or over on my facebook page.

I would put a gold chesterfield couch (seriously) is on my mine.

I will draw this on Friday (21st March) afternoon so make sure you do it before then!

This is only open to NZ readers.